Sensational polymer breakthrough against ‘tyre damage’

Scientists in Spain have revealed the emergence of the very first type of self-healing polymer that spontaneously repairs itself without without any human intervention. This new ground-breaking material which has been referred to as ‘Terminator’ is still some distance from being available for commercial introduction into the market and is anticipated to be suitable for a number of applications including tyres. Source: SA TREADS

Continental to make technology investment for the future

Continental has confirmed the investment of Euros 40 Million in their production facility in Korbach, Germany over the next five years. The investment will be used to develop a specialist production line for 19 up to 21 inch passenger car and light commercial tyres. This new production line will meet demand from both the Original Equipment segment. Nikolai Setzer, Executive Board Member for Continental’s Tire division states “This latest investment […]

Philippines tyre market to reach $2.8 billion by 2018

Philippines tyre market to reach $2.8 billion by 2018. The passenger car ownership in Philippines is comparatively lower than many countries in the region, however, this scenario is undergoing a change and the car ownership is expected to increase in the near future. The government plans to increase the natural rubber production in the country from 138,710 hectares in 2010 to over 200,000 hectares by 2016, denoting an annual increase […]