New range of On/Off Road Tyres from Bridgestone

New range of On/Off Road Tyres from Bridgestone

Bridgestone Europe has announced the launch of a new dynamic range of On/Off tyres with increased load capabilities (EVO marked) for the more efficient use of heavy vehicles in the mining and construction markets.

The all-new collection of four heavy tyres – the M840 EVO (All Position, On/Off Road), L355 EVO (Drive, On/Off Road), M748 EVO (Trailer, On/Off Road) and L317 EVO (All Position, Off Road) provides operators with the valuable opportunity to carry heavier loads without compromising tyre performance, cut resistance and durability.

The structure of these news tyres has been reinforced so they are robust enough to maintain the skeleton of the tyre with minimal deformation while in service, as well as keeping the flexibility required for demanding On/Off operations.


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