Yokohama OE fitment for new Ariel Nomad

Yokohama OE fitment for new Ariel Nomad

The Ariel Atom already has a reputation as a very unique hand built sports car with no doors or a roof in Europe and indeed around the world.

Now the Atom has been joined by a new lightweight 235BHP Nomad version which has been specially manufactured for off-road and competition use which has recently been launched in Europe.

The all-new Ariel Nomad has been fitted as OE with Yokohama’s Geolander M/T+, their most aggressive off-road tyre which is specifically suited for use on sand and the most extreme slippery surfaces. At the same time other Yokohama Geolander tyres are available for fitment including the A/T-S and H/T-S along with the Advan A053 Gravel Rally tyre and A006T Tarmac Rally tyre.

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